Mountain Casita

South Lake Tahoe, CA
exterior view

This distinct approach allowed for functional use of the interconnected space and provided for warm natural light to permeate the interior rooms.
With this unique angle added to the profile, we connected this new structure with pathways along the buildings and across the property under a series of separate roofs.

This project was a unique build opportunity with a goal of adding functional living space by way of an attached garage and over-the-garage living space that was seamlessly attached to the existing property for a growing family who already had one small child. Working with the existing driveway and natural angles in the landscape we set the new structure at an angle on the property.

exterior side view
wood stairs detail
exterior view
Balancing pragmatic function and allowing nature to emanate into the daily surroundings provided the best outcome for this healthy addition.
exterior roof detail
exterior view
  • Specs:
    630 SF Guest House
    1 bedroom, 1 bath
  • Extras:
    630 SF Garage
    Covered entry stairs and deck
  • Clients:
    Growing family with 1 small child
  • Needs:
    The clients wanted an enclosed garage with a guest house on top. They also requested a way to get into the house with a covered stairway from the garage and driveway.
  • Results:
    Working with the existing driveway and natural topograghy we set the new structure at the angle of the driveway and connected all pathways with a series of roofs.
The vision for the structure was to create not only a remarkable living space, but one which was connected and flowed with the topography of the existing property.

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