Specs: 2,821 SF Two-story Residence
5 bedrooms, 3 baths
Extras: Mudroom Entry
713 SF Garage
729 SF Deck Space
Clients: Active family with 3 children and a dog
Needs: Wanted their 'forever home'
A house that would grow and change as they do
Results: A flexible floorplan with adaptable space, both inside and out.

Living Level Floor Plan

Lower Level Floor Plan

Lower Level Floor Plan

Design Sketch 1

After years of being used as a 3 unit rental, an existing beach house is undergoing an extensive renovation to make the house more open and user friendly for a family household. Among the list of improvements and upgrades are removing an existing garage to make room for a proper entry space, removing the need for a long and unwelcoming walk through a concrete and dirt path to the front door. This opens up the possibility to an entry courtyard with a serious of spaces weaving their way through the large side yard so not only are they gaining the upgraded living space inside but we are able to integrate the outside spaces as well to take full advantage of the outside space.

Being located in Southern California water usage is (and always will be) an issue. To mitigate this and future water shortages, the client requested a grey water system to be installed and then integrate the reuse of the water through an irrigation water feature stream along the east edge of the property.