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Designed and built for life

The Gilmore Lake Drive project was a full cycle design and build for Healthy Home Co. with the end goal of healthy living space in mind.

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Build with your environment

All too often we find ourselves trying to work an idea into an environment where the two just don't fit. With this project we worked with the surroundings taking advantage of the expansive sky and tall vertical tree lines to develop a harmonious series of lines that complimented the natural space.

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living holistically

A great example of our focus on living spaces is the central outside deck area which is surrounded on three sides by usable interior space. This gives the home a comfortable, dynamic appeal throughout the year, opening opportunities for bbq's and outside entertainment in all seasons.

Every perspective, inside and out

The key to a successful project in our minds is to take into consideration actually living in the space. This means we must focus not only on the perspective from the street with curb-appeal or on the property itself, but most importantly from inside the living space. With simple large windows that accent the geometry of the structure, we bring light and life into the entire house making it inviting and warm. We always think first about how a home will be lived in ahead of what just looks nice from the facade.

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Designed for your life, 4-season space for every day.


Beautiful doesn't always mean major Investment

When people think of beautiful design, they often think disruptive, expensive, and therefore;  not something for them. This project is a great example of a beautiful life-changing solution which did not require massive reconstruction to the existing living space. Not only is the resulting  pleasing to the eye, but it is a tremendously influential addition to the healthy lifestyle. A daily retreat to the sauna bungalow enjoyed year round and away from the day-to-day reminders of the house. A sauna is just what the client was looking for!


Add value to your space

A sauna always adds positive influence to healthy living. There are many challenges to adding a sauna to an existing structure, however, when thinking about it from the perspective of HOW you live, new ideas come to life. 

We wanted an everyday retreat. HealthyHomeCo delivered ... in our back yard!

A healthy retreat for everyday life.

Playtime is Precious. Play builds brain pathways for thinking, creativity, flexibility, empathy, and many other lifelong skills.
— Heather Shumaker

Ever read the "Magical Treehouse"?

Cora's house was an amazing transformation of imagination to reality.

What started with a dirt patch in a yard was turned into a feast of fun for architectural eyes by HealthyHomeCo.

Cora and her friends will play happily ever after in this treasure.

Promoting healthy, outside engagement for youngsters, the play space came to fruition in no time.

This is the best playhouse I could ever dream of. A bright door, rope bridge, and a ladder to climb up.
— Cora

     Unleash the imagination of HEALTHY HOME CONSULTANTS into your lifestyle

Remodeling and Home Design

This distinct approach allowed for functional use of the interconnected space and provided for warm natural light to permeate the interior rooms.

Specs: 630 SF Guest House
1 bedroom, 1 bath
Extras: 630 SF Garage
Covered entry stairs and deck
Clients: Growing family with 1 small child
Needs: The clients wanted an enclosed garage with a guest house on top. They also requested a way to get into the house with a covered stairway from the garage and driveway.
Results: Working with the existing driveway and natural topograghy we set the new structure at the angle of the driveway and connected all pathways with a series of roofs.

The Ottowa Drive project was a unique build opportunity. The goal of the project was to add functional living space by way of an attached garage and over-the-garage living space that was seamlessly attached to the existing property for a growing family who already had one small child. Working with the existing driveway and natural angles in the landscape we set the new structure at an angle on the property.

Balancing pragmatic function and allowing nature to emanate into the daily surroundings provided the best outcome for this healthy addition.

With this unique angle added to the profile, we connected this new structure with pathways along the buildings and across the property under a series of separate roofs.

The vision for the structure was to create not only a remarkable living space, but one which was connected and flowed with the topography of the existing property.
— Bret
Family first has always been our focus. Healthy Home Consultants brought that principle to life in our home.
— Kyle Schmidt

The Schmidt's were looking to open their home to the beautiful outdoor surroundings. Breathing life into their living space was the charge for HealthyHomeCo. With this project we focused on a unified living space that promoted inclusion of the kitchen, dining, and entertainment areas. The mezzanine overlooking the space added a key unification to the space bringing accessibility and family to the center of the environment.

We at HealthyHomeCo brought together the Schmidt's vision for a family and earth first focus in their home build. Our expertise and certification as a Leed Gold standard architecture and build firm facilitated the best blend of living space vision and environmental consciousness. We believe the whole is greater than the individual parts. This home was a great example of bringing together these two core values into a unified vision. 

Specs: 2821 SF House
4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath
Extras: 720 SF Finished Garage
Covered entry
Mudroom Entry
Clients: Active Family
Needs: Large Family and Living area. Space for Entertaining.
Results: With the kitchen, living, and dining occupying the entire 2nd floor of the house we created an open zone used for gathering.
Remodeling and Home Design